Preservation Treatments were requested to provide a timber report and quotation prior to the purchase of this property in Sherfield on Loddon, Hampshire. The property is a brick and timber frame built, Grade II Listed building. The purchasers were concerned about some decaying timbers to the exterior of the building.

Our Surveyor discovered decay to the external framing timbers on the front elevation of the property, due to Wet Rot Fungus (Coniopohora Puteana). The source of moisture supporting this infestation was due to moisture penetration at the timber/masonry junction.

Preservation Treatments recommended that the support timbers be cut back to sound timbers where necessary. New moisture matched oak timber sections were fixed with Rotafix CB10T adhesive. This is a high strength, 2-part thixotropic epoxy adhesive that is specifically formulated for timber and concrete engineering. All surfaces were cleared of grease and dust prior to fixing. New timbers put in place were to have a chamfered top edge to divert rainwater.

The remaining external framing timbers were repaired using an epoxy resin moulding mortar. This was to be matched and finished as near as possible to the existing timbers.