Honest company with principles of gold. They’re helping people unlike most companies looking to rob people.

I contacted Preservation Treatments for a damp and timber surveyor for a property we’re looking to purchase. Jo and Michelle were so helpful over the phone and so understanding with my situation, they were very knowledgeable and professional. When I sent the pictures of the property I was looking to purchase the Surveyor due to come out emailed and instructed to actually get a building surveyor because from the pictures in their experience he could tell it would require this level of investigation.

Some companies will not do this. Some companies will ask for the pictures knowing full well the status of the situation and still go out knowing there’s nothing they can do just so you pay them and they tell you to go elsewhere. This company isn’t like that – they’re only after helping people which is why they’re PCA members. Grateful for their time. Highly recommend!