Julie Cassar

How long have you worked at PTL?

I was lucky enough to join PTL in 1993 when I moved to Surrey from Ipswich, Suffolk, where I was working as a Contracts Manager for another remedial treatment company.

What is your background?

As mentioned, I previously worked for another remedial timber preservation/damp proofing company in Ipswich. My Manager at that time was Chairman of the then BWPA (British Wood Preserving Association) now known as the PCA (Property Care Association) and he made enquiries with the Association for vacancies. I was extremely lucky that PTL took me on straight away, although this was quite a shock to me at the time, coming from the leafy suburbs of Suffolk where there are lots of timber framed properties to working in London and the South.

What do you enjoy most about your job/industry?

As Contracts Manager, foremost I have always enjoyed the organisational part of the job, speaking to clients and arranging works. In the early days’ I used to go out on surveys with the Surveyors and soon became very involved in the technical aspects of the job. Since those days, the work and job have evolved and I now enjoy the health and safety, training and management side of the role too. It’s a very diverse job and no two days are ever the same.

Do you have any areas of special interest?

I’m passionate about organisation and customer service and enjoy ensuring that the company provides the very best service to our clients that we can. Training and health and safety are such an important aspect of my role, and I take pride ensuring that all staff have the best technical and health and safety awareness possible. I have also helped the company obtain ISO9001 Quality Management and more recently ISO14001 Environmental Management; these are great achievements and worth all the hard work.