Woodworm is a term used to refer to the larvae of any wood-boring beetle, rather than a particular species. In Britain, the most common of these are the Common Furniture Beetle, the Deathwatch Beetle and the House Longhorn Beetle. All of these beetles invade and then consume wood, only leaving when they have reached full maturity. Signs of woodworm in your property include small round holes in your woodwork, fine, powdery dust around these holes and crumbly edges to boards and joists. You may also notice adult beetles either emerging from these holes or present around your property. If you suspect that your property has woodworm, contact Preservation Treatments. The company provides woodworm control services in Hampshire, London, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire and Sussex.

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Woodworm can weaken your property’s timbers and eventually damage the building beyond repair. Therefore, it’s essential that you act quickly to rectify the problem. The experienced team at Preservation Treatments can carry out a survey in order to establish the type of wood boring insect infestation. They can then outline the most suitable treatment. To learn more about the company and its renowned woodworm control services, visit the website today.