Have you noticed tiny holes in your wooden structures along with fine, powdery dust around these holes? Or perhaps you’ve spotted a few adult beetles? If so, your property may have woodworm. Woodworm refers to wood-boring insects that destroy timber. The most common wood-boring insect is the furniture beetle, which attacks both hardwood and softwood. If your property has woodworm, don’t simply ignore the problem and hope it will go away. If not treated quickly, an infestation can serious damage the structure of your property, which can be very costly to repair. Many property owners in Berkshire hire Preservation Treatments when they require a woodworm control service in their area.

Taking Care of your Woodworm Property Quickly and Affordably 

Preservation Treatments has provided woodworm control services to domestic and commercial customers in London, Hampshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire and Sussex for many years. It has an excellent reputation for delivering a professional, efficient and affordable service that its customers can rely on. The experienced team can accurately identify the type of infestation present before carrying out the appropriate remedial works to the highest possible standards. To learn more about Preservation Treatments and its various services, visit the website.