Are you looking to create more space within your home? Perhaps your family has expanded or you’ve simply outgrown your existing property? In either case, you may be thinking about converting your basement. Converting underground structures such as basements and cellars is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who want to increase the living space in their homes. It’s certainly a better alternative to moving house, which can be very costly. If you’re looking for a company that can waterproof your basement in Hampshire, take a closer look at Preservation Treatments. The company can help you to transform your basement from a damp, dank and dusty space into a beautiful new room within your home.

A Service that’s Second to None

Preservation Treatments have been a basement waterproofing service to clients in Hampshire, London, Middlesex, Surrey, Berkshire and Sussex for many years and has forged an excellent reputation in their field. You can expect to receive an exceptional service that’s not just professional and efficient but affordable too. Head to the website to find out more about the company. Or call 0800 1422 513 to discuss your requirements in detail with one of the friendly and experienced team.