Have you noticed curling or discoloured wallpaper in your home or business premises? Or perhaps wet or rotting skirting board or timber has caught your attention? If so, it’s very likely that your property has rising damp. Rising damp occurs when water moves vertically through building material that’s in contact with the ground. If you suspect rising damp, it’s essential that you take steps to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Don’t be tempted to carry out a quick-fix for rising damp, (i.e. painting over the damp) as this will just make the job more expensive in the long term. Instead, contact a specialist company to treat the damp effectively and cost-efficiently. One company that comes highly recommended in London is Preservation Treatments. The firm has been treating damp in domestic and commercial properties since 1972 and has an excellent reputation throughout the south east of the country.

Arrange a Survey

To arrange of survey of the damp within your property, call the team at Preservation Treatments. An experienced surveyor will provide you with a report and quotation outlining the best solution for treating the damp. To find out more about this established company, visit the website today.