You may not even realise that your property has a woodworm problem until the damage becomes visible to the eye. Therefore, early identification is the key to preventing wood boring insects causing even greater damage. Signs you have a woodworm problem include fresh exit holes in timber, tunnels in the wood, bore dust, damaged floorboards, crumbling wood and dead beetles. You may also notice beetle eggs and woodworm larvae. If you suspect woodworm, get in touch with a company that offers woodworm control services in your area. If you’re in Hampshire, look no further than Preservation Treatments. The firm has been providing woodworm control to both domestic and commercial clients for over 43 years.

Is Woodworm Treatment Expensive?

It’s difficult to say just how much you can expect to pay for woodworm treatment as all cases are different and should be treated individually. Before any work is carried out, the company’s surveyors will complete an in-depth survey. This will help them to identify the type of infestation present as well as the most appropriate treatment. To find out more about Preservation Treatments and its woodworm control services, don’t hesitate to visit the website today.