Woodworm refers to the larvae of wood-boring beetles. The most common are the Common Furniture Beetle, House Longhorn Beetle and Deathwatch Beetle. All of these beetles invade and then consume wood before leaving once they have reached maturity. You’ll know your property has been affected by woodworm if you notice tiny holes in your woodwork, fine dust around these holes and crumbling edges of boards and joists. You may also notice adult beetles emerging from these holes. It’s also possible that you have woodworm without even knowing it. In fact, you may not even notice that you have an infestation for many years.

If you’re looking for a woodworm control service in Hampshire, look no further than Preservation Treatments. This longstanding company provides woodworm control services to both domestic and commercial clients in south east England.

Experienced Surveyors

When you enlist Preservation Treatments to banish woodworm from your property, you can rest assured that work will be carried out to an incredibly high standard. The company’s highly experienced surveyors will complete an in-depth survey in order to quickly identify the type of infestation present. They’ll then look to apply the appropriate spray treatment to the affected areas. To find out more about Preservation Treatments, visit the website today.