Does your property suffer from streaming windows and black mould? If so it’s possible that you have a condensation problem. Rather than ignoring the issue and letting it get worse, it makes sense to enlist the services of a specialist company. If you’re in Berkshire, London, Hampshire, Middlesex, Surrey or Sussex, then look no further than Preservation Treatments. The company has been implementing condensation solutions in properties across the south east of the country for many years and has forged an excellent reputation in its field. Whether your property is domestic or commercial in nature, the experienced team can help.

Providing a Cure for Condensation

Preservation Treatments can offer a range of cures for condensation. Its most successful are the Vericure 2000 House and the Vericure 2000 Flat. These are positive pressure units which work to introduce tempered, filtered air into a property. This filtered air replaces the damp, stale, air in the property. If you’d like to find out more about the company’s condensation solutions, call 0800 1422 513 to speak to one of the team. Alternatively, head to the website to find out more about Preservation Treatments.