Do you suspect that your property has dry rot? Then it’s essential that you take steps to treat the problem as quickly as possible. This type of fungal decay is very serious, as it is caused by a species of fungi that digests the parts of the wood that give it strength and stiffness. Therefore, it can cause of a great deal of damage to your timber and drastically affect the structural integrity of your property. Early detection and prevention is easier than treating the issue once it has had plenty of time to develop.

As soon as you notice any shrinking, darkening and cuboidal cracks appearing in the timber, or white fluffy ‘cotton wool’ mycelium developing, it’s time to call in the experts. Preservation Treatments has been providing dry rot treatments for many years and has a long list of happy clients.

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If you’re ready to treat the dry rot in your property, call Preservation Treatments on 0800 1422 513 to book a survey. One of the firm’s CSRT ‘(Certified Surveyor in Remedial Treatments) qualified surveyors will attend your home or business premises in order to identify the type of fungal decay present and provide you with a competitive quote for treatment. Head to the website to find out more.