Have you noticed damaged floorboards and skirting boards or stained plaster and peeling paint and wallpaper? Perhaps a tide mark along the wall has caught your attention? In any case, these could be signs of rising damp in your property. Rising damp occurs when water moves vertically through building material which is porous in nature and in contact with the ground. The moisture will rise until it gets to a height where gravity pulls it down. If you suspect rising damp in your home or business premises, it’s essential that you enlist a damp proofing specialise in your area.

If you’re in London, get in touch with Preservation Treatments. With 43 years’ experience at hand, the team have provided damp proofing treatments for properties of all kinds throughout the south east of the country. Therefore, you can rest assured that the team have the skills and expertise needed to deliver a quality service that meets your needs.

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