Condensation is formed when warm, moist air meets a colder surface or air. The warm air is unable to retain the same amount of moisture and so water is released into the colder air or onto the colder surface. The most common sign of condensation is wet, streaming, windows. However as condensation gets more serious it can be followed by damp and dry rot. Condensation can have a variety of causes, including as day to day activities like cooking, washing and drying clothing, heating and even breathing. All of these activities produce water vapour, which the air cannot hold when it has reached its ‘saturation point’. If you’re looking for condensation solutions in Surrey, it makes sense to contact Preservation Treatments. This reputable company is greatly experienced in treating condensation and has an excellent reputation for its affordable services.

An Effective Solution for Condensation

When you hire Preservation Treatments, you can rest assured that the team will work hard to banish condensation in your home or business premises. They use the Vericure 2000 House and the Vericure 2000 Flat – positive pressure units which introduce tempered, filters air into a property. Moisture-rich air is removed through a property’s natural breathing holes. To find out more about Preservation Treatments, visit the website today.